Teeth play a vital role in our appearance and hence the world is always in pursuit of a better smile.

We offer a wide range of services  to improve your smile and appearance while taking care of your safety and well-being

  • Tooth whitening with modern safe products to give you the shade of teeth you require. We can whiten one discolored tooth or all the teeth depending on the need.
  • composite veneers – these are tooth colored fillings/veneers which can be placed to cover decayed, chipped, broken edges and worn down teeth.
  • ceramic veneers – porcelains veneers are used when the part of the  tooth lost to either decay or fracture is large. They are even more aesthetic and durable.
  • Full ceramic crowns – crowns are used to replace tooth substance when the loss is more the one third. they are either porcelain bonded to metal or full porcelain.
  • Fixed orthodontics (braces) – used to straighten teeth and jaws that are mal-aligned Both children and adults can benefit from braces.