Services offered:

We offer a wide range of Dental services according to the clients need.

Dental Consultation

We do a comprehensive dental check-up including x-rays , dental study models and photographs with the aim of arriving at an accurate diagnosis.

We are patient in making sure the client  understands their dental problem and the various options available in handling the problem.

We offer dental health education including best dental  practices tailor-made to suit every client depending on their need.

We treat clients of all ages in a friendly atmosphere that seeks to change populations perception of dentists.

Full mouth Scaling and Prophylaxis(Teeth cleaning)

Scaling also referred to as cleaning in layman terms is the removal of tartar(calculus), a hard substance that attaches to the teeth when food debris are left on the teeth for long periods or in far to reach surfaces of the teeth.

Scaling should be done at least twice a year (every six months)

It involves removal of the hard substances from the teeth surfaces using a scaler machine and then polishing (prophylaxis) the surfaces to remove stains and to make them smooth for easy brushing

For children, prophylaxis and fluoride application is done every six months to to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Dental Fillings

Dental caries (dental cavities) are ‘holes’ that occur in both milk and permanent teeth. They are caused acid produced when bacteria act on sugary foods on the teeth surface.

We can prevent dental caries by avoiding sugary diet  and brushing our teeth regularly at least twice a day (morning and evening). Visiting a dentist twice a year helps in preventing cavities from forming and also by treating them early.

When cavities have already formed, different types of fillings are used to fill them depending on the age of the patient and the tooth surface affected.

Fillings are only possible for cavities that have not yet reached the pulp(life part) of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when dental caries has reached the pulp of the tooth and damaged the nerves or there is infection. It is also perform on teeth damaged by trauma (fractured teeth). 

During a root canal treatment procedure, the nerves and pulp tissue are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. This is done to save the tooth by preventing infection of the ‘dead’ pulp tissue that leads to infection and dental abscesses.

Replacement of missing teeth:

There are a variety of  options of replacing missing teeth depending on the number of teeth lost, the type of tooth lost(incisors, canines or molars) and the state of health of the remaining teeth in the mouth.

Dental bridges- Used to replace one or two missing teeth when the adjacent teeth are healthy enough to support the missing ones.

Partial dentures- Used to replace missing teeth especially when the health of the remaining teeth is in question

Full dentures- Used to replace teeth when all the teeth have be lost

Cosmetic Dentistry.

Teeth play a vital role in our appearance and hence the world is always in pursuit of a better smile.

We offer a wide range of services  to improve your smile and appearance while taking care of your safety and well-being;

  • Tooth whitening with modern safe products to give you the shade of teeth you require. We can whiten one discolored tooth or all the teeth depending on the need.
  • composite veneers – these are tooth colored fillings/veneers which can be placed to cover decayed, chipped, broken edges and worn down teeth. 
  • ceramic veneers – porcelains veneers are used when the part of the  tooth lost to either decay or fracture is large. They are even more aesthetic and durable.
  • Full ceramic crowns – crowns are used to replace tooth substance when the loss is more the one third. they are either porcelain bonded to metal or full porcelain. 
  • Fixed orthodontics (braces) – used to straighten teeth and jaws that are mal-aligned Both children and adults can benefit from braces. 

Minor Oral Surgery

We do minor oral surgical procedures like surgical disimpaction of 3rd molars, lingual and labial frenectomies, simple dental eruption cyst enucleation.

We also do management of minor trauma to the mouth jaws and face including suturing soft tissue injuries and managing simple mandibular fractures.

Major surgical procedures are referred for more advanced management.

Sports dentistry

For our clients who engage in contact sporting activities (rugby, hockey, boxing, among others), we fabricate for them mouth guards to protect their teeth while they enjoy the sport.

Habit breakers

Habits like thumb sucking, finger sucking, tongue thrusting, nail biting among others can alter jaw development and teeth alignment if not stopped in time.

We fabricate habit breaker for children who are willing to stop the habit but are unable to stop. The aim of the habit breaker to act as a reminder to the children and to make the habit unpleasant with the aim of stopping the habit altogether.